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The Music of Don "Sev" Severance and The Mica-Sev Project : The Sev set includes solo guitar instrumentals, original tunes and covers enhanced with improvised real-time looped grooves as well as his own innovative arrangements of studio recorded beats. Drawing from a wide variety of influences including Paul Simon, Sting, Steely Dan and George Benson, Sev successfully blends 70′s Folk Rock, Smooth Jazz, Funk, Reggae and World Beat to create a cool groove oriented guitar sound that is distinctively “Sev”. Purchase SEV music HERE . . . The Mica-Sev Project is a collaboration between two talented, experienced veterans of the New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts coastal music scene; Yamica "Mica" Peterson on vocals and keyboard with Don "Sev" Severance on vocals, guitar, live loops and original beats. The Mica-Sev Project has succeeded in putting together an eclectic mix of cover tunes and original material that is both exciting and entertaining. Delivered with a joyous heartfelt honesty, their music sounds fresh and alive every time you hear them. Whether it's a soulful ballad, a grinding blues, thumb slappin' funk, a bouncing reggae tune or a smooth latin groove, they manage to inject a piece of themselves into every composition and tie each set together with their own distinctive symbiotic rhythm. The combination of Mica's soulful sultry voice and Sev's melodic expressive guitar work result in a uniquely satisfying listening experience no matter what your musical preference. Designed to entertain, 'The Mica-Sev Project' aims to take you along on their musical adventure and share their joy for diverse musical expression. Purchase THE MICA-SEV PROJECT music HERE . . . Severance & Cassidy was a duo playing folk rock in the late '70s and early '80s in New Hampshire. Don Severance: songwriter, guitar and vocals Gary Cassidy: bass and vocals. In 1978, they were playing clubs, concerts, and parties full-time throughout New Hampshire and into Vermont. Their sound evolved from their interest in the acoustic, melodic, and harmony-driven music that was popular at the time. Don was strongly influenced by the guitar and harmony work of Peter, Paul And Mary and the songwriting and vocals of Simon And Garfunkel. In addition, bands such as America and Crosby, Stills And Nash were on the charts adding their brand of folk rock to the musical landscape. Gary came from a background of country music, and with his deep, rich, full-range vocals and his strong bass skills, they created a sound that felt larger than most other duos in the area. Purchase SEVERANCE & CASSIDY music HERE.

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Don “Sev” Severance

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Don “Sev” Severance

Sev is a multimedia artist living and creating on the border of the New Hampshire and Maine seacoast USA. When he’s not out making music as a full time singer/songwriter/guitarist, you will find him in his studio recording original music and creating original art.  Drawing on years of experience as a traditional sculptor Sev has transitioned to 3D Modeling and now specializes in character design and illustration. Checkout his work at his Etsy Shop.

The Mermaid Story Trilogy

Available on Amazon: The Mermaid Story Trilogy is an exciting and sensuous adventure set in the not-too-distant future where the birth of Epyphany, the first real mermaid, marks the beginning of an new epoch in the fragile future of Earth’s inhabitants. Rescued from the hands of a greedy privateer and raised on the secret island of Oojai, Epyphany is an exotic creature of unparalleled beauty, intelligence and power. For twenty years she thrives, swimming in the shadow of the Gold Tower under the loving guidance of Blyss, an enigmatic mystic determined to teach her the skills she will need to fulfill the prophecy of the Silver Tablets.
Epyphany and her small tribe of gifted sea creatures continue to live an idyllic life on their peaceful island until the day Epyphany chooses to save the life of Thurrow, an internationally renowned oceanographer and multi-millionaire inventor. This fateful decision sets off a chain of events that places Epyphany at the center of a battle to save our polluted planet from imminent destruction, and forces her to accept the overwhelming task of guiding humankind through the Transition into a new era of unprecedented diversity.


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